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The big “WHY”

My question today is, why do you ride your bike? I have asked myself that question many times when I’ve struggled up a steep 16% gradient hill, but when the downhill comes, I quickly forget about that feeling. However, this is not the "why" I am referring to. Yes, riding our bikes is fun, but that is not the core reason we spend so much time and money on it. I am talking about what you get out of it. I came across this method called the "7 Deep WHY." It goes like this:



Q1: Why do you ride your bike?

A: Because it is fun.

Q2: Why is riding your bike fun?

A: It is fun spending time with my mates.

Q3: Why is it fun spending time with my mates?

A: We get to see awesome nature and experience different things.

Q4: Why do you want to experience different things?

A: It is good for my mental health.

Q5: Why do you say it is good for your mental health?

A: I need to escape the rush of work pressure.

Q6: Why do you need to escape the rush of work?

A: Work is hard, and it feels like there is no end.

Q7: Why is work hard?

A: It is physically and mentally draining.


From this example, you can see that cycling is so much more than just going out on your bike. Cycling is an outlet for most of us to escape the day-to-day stress of life. Cycling can also be your lifeline to better health or just your way of seeking acceptance and finding it at your local cycling club. We all love riding our bikes, but we all have a story on “WHY” we do what we do. Find your why and keep on riding.

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