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Slicks and Stones Gravel Assault
 1 April 2023
Apiti, Manawatu

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About the Slicks and Stones Gravel Assault 

The Slicks and stone formerly the amateur event running alongside the UCI Gravel and Tar is now a separate event and focusing more on the gravel than the tar.


The events take place in Apiti and will follow breathtakingly beautiful course with views of the Ruahine mountain range.


Conditions for enrty

Rules and waivers

Timeline and program 

What the day have in store

Course info

All the info about what to expect on the day

Get involved

How can you help

Apiti 1.jpg
Apiti 1.jpg


Apiti is a small settlement in the North-eastern side of the Manawatu. Apiti was settled in 1886 and has a 226 population. This little township is a buzz with activity and is famous for its Tavern.

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